Our Vision

At PV Sons, we don't just meet benchmarks, We raise them. We offer a competitive edge to the market at all times and ensure our quality is never compromised by quantity.

It is this approach that helps us deliver the highest international standards at the best possible prices.

Everyday at PV Sons, our vision drives us forward: - To achieve growth through the provision of knowledge, reliable service and highest quality of products.

To develop, maintain and value positive relationships with every client, employee and stakeholder.

To be leaders in the corn milling industry through innovation, backward integration and value addition.

About Us

PV SONS : THE NAME THE WORLD COUNTS ON.At PV Sons, we take immense pride in being a family-run business that has a growing global presence. In fact, with years of experience in the food processing industry, we are now a market leader in the corn-processing category in India. Our biggest strength lies in our ability to deliver break-through solutions to our clients while constantly meeting the ever-growing demands.
Realizing the huge demand for processed corn in the country and globally, we launched a fully integrated processing plant at MIDC Ranjangaon in Pune, India. Today, this unit processes corn and supplies it as a raw material to the rapidly growing breakfast cereal, snack food & brewery industry and as hominy feed. Starting with a production capacity of 120 metric tonnes per day in 2006, we now proudly boast of a doubled up production capacity to 240 metric tonnes per day.
Uncompromising quality standards and modest pricing is why global giants like Kellogg and Pepsico proudly partner us since a decade.

Our Benchmark is our product

At PV Sons, we believe quality is everything.

We take pride in producing 4 products of unmatched standards. Our products are widely used across different industries.

Cornflaking Grits

Used as raw material in the breakfast cereal industry. Read More

Corn Meal

Used as raw material in the snack industry for extruded snack products and breweries. Read More

De-germinated corn flour

Used as raw material in bakeries and the snack and breakfast cereal industry. Read More

Hominy feed

Used as cattle feed. Read More

Our Processes

  • Raw material
  • Testing
  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Grading and Moisture Testing
  • Milling process
  • Finished product testing
  • Traceability



At PV Sons, food safety and quality is critical and we don't compromise on any detail.

Infrastructure : We believe in focusing on our infrastructure so we can guarantee a finished product that is 100% safe and of the highest quality. Our building is built to match the most rigorous food safety standards with no gaps or open areas, thus ensuring a pest-free environment. The entire facility is constantly monitored and disinfected every 6 months by heating it to 50°-60°C.

Employee training : All our employees are trained to follow the strictest hygiene and food safety practices. We provide them with clean uniforms and other safety and hygiene gear like head nets, beard-nets, steel-toe shoes,etc. We also train employees to handle machines optimally and they are made aware of the occupational hazards and safety procedures.

Certification : At PV Sons, we take pride in our ‘A+’ BRC certification’ - a globally recognized standard in the food industry. We are always prepared for random external audits that are often carried out to ensure our plant adheres to strict safety and hygiene procedures. We are also Halal certified.

Equipment : At PV Sons, only the most state-of-the-art equipment is used for cleaning, milling and packaging.In fact, our equipment is manufactured by
-a global leader in food processing equipment, especially in the technologies and methods of processing grain into flour and feed.


  • September 2006 : We started production.
  • 2010 : We introduced storage Silos for raw material(maize) (2 x 5000 MT each).
  • March 2011 : We began using the grain chilling system to store grain for a longer duration.
  • 2011 : We received the prestigious ‘A+’ BRC certification — a globally recognized food standard and have been receiving the same year after year.
  • July/August 2012 : Introduction of heat treatment process.
  • February 2013 : We doubled our capacity.
  • 2013 : We received Halal certification for our products and have been receiving the same year after year.
  • 2015 : We became the first in India to add a fleet of trucks to transport grain in loose form from our suppliers

Our Reputation has travelled

In fact, It's now halfway across the globe.At PV Sons,we are proud to have a diverse range of clientele across the world.Thanks to our focus on quality and our unmatched prices, we deliver to Middle East as well as Far East.From Egypt to Saudi Arabia and from Thailand to Taiwan, we are only growing in numbers and reputation.


Contact US

Factory address

PV Sons Corn Milling Co. Pvt. Ltd.,
Plot No. F1, Ranjangaon MIDC,
Tal. Shirur,
Pune - 412210.
Tel : +91-2138-674348 / 352
Email : info@pvcornmilling.com


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